Monday, May 14, 2012

Cy Vance One Term Cy Bye Bye! Dirty DA Video Removed from YouTube and Vimeo

Go to the link above and watch the video banned from YouTube and Vimeo

and here is my latest on Cy Vance -- I have plenty more on my YouTube channel!

Will be downtown in front of Hogan Place this week....protesting....

Very tired so it will be short sweet and just one day...stay tuned.

Cy Vance Resign! Cy Vance rolled the heroin NYPD Rape Cop Moreno’s locker in to 1 year! No wonder guns are being stolen out of the 9th Precinct locker! Cy what about prosecuting St. Vincent’s crooks? Afraid to bring attention to Rudin acquisition? Morgy and Cy, No Justice for FDNY heroes Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino. Cy where are rapes up and under reported in NYC and NYPD rape cops aren’t convicted of rape?