Monday, March 30, 2015

Cy Vance Guilty False Prosecution Joe Jazz Hayden

If you need Joe Jazz Hayden's telephone number let me know.  He has quiet a story to tell.  It is the truth.

Shame on Cy Vance and may the reason along with Cy Vance's record on Stop and Frisk Term 1 that he lost the democratic endorsement of some clubs even though no one was running against him.

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2013

Cy Vance Loses Endorsement Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats

Cy Vance Loses Endorsement Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats.....

No one is running against Cy Vance for Manhattan DA yet he has lost 2 endorsements I know of... Wow.  

I was violently assaulted and corrupt cops and even Internal Affairs is dragging their feet talking the case to the DA.   If it happens based on my politics it will be interesting so see how the DA handles me being assaulted...

Cy Vance Loses Endorsement of East Side Democratic Club!

There is a little Justice in this world because Cy one term Cy is a crum for countless reasons him having another term a crime!!!!

Glad to hear Cy Vance has no one running against him and he lost an important endorsement!!!