Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#NBA Thabo Sefolosha Not News DA False Prosecution NYPD Crimes my new youtube

#NBA Thabo Sefolosha Not News DA False Prosecution NYPD Crimes my new youtube 

Help go viral to expose Delita hooks dr F's violent lying attack receptionist she acted like NYPD who attacked Thabo!!!  She and the women you see still lying!
Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

Read Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from 7 years ago -- it gives new meaning to it stops today.  
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thabo Sefolosha and I know how dirty DA Cy Vance is James Blake Spared That Horror

Thabo Sefolosha, James Blake now know what many of us have experienced including white people it's not just a black experience all the way to many blacks have been more murdered in their cases must take priority but the NYPD are so out of control people of every color in the background tell me horror stories I'm just glad celebrities now are living what we have lives on though Thabo and I will carry scars physical and mental that James Blake will never know about because we were failed on every level and we receive no apologies.  
Tweet: D like NYPD struck Thabo Sefolosha she 1st violated patient rights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em hole my retina NYPD violent coerced

Tweet: Sefolosha & I know what James Blakes doesn't DA NYPD collusion no apologies Thabo NYPD IA DA corrupt

A woman told me her horror story involving a woman NYPD officer at the beach we are not safe anywhere when  it comes to overly aggressive NYPD who are not afraid of lying in police reports or worse commiting crimes!!! Thabo  should never have been tackled or rested and I was threatened after I was attacked my vision damage from a running punched my head as I held bags not want to arrest including NYPD and internal affairs DA guilty.

Thabo and my cases prove DA guilty evil and Cy Vance and his ADAs  protecting corrupt cops must be fired!
I have audios of ADAs lying to me!!!

My guess Joe Tacopina broke a series of laws in my case and he learned his crap dirty dealings with cops right from Charles Hynes and the Brooklyn DA more proof in my opinion it my guess is correct that we need a new commission into NYPD Internal Affairs and DA corruption.

I woke upgrading my jaw and I really want these evil people punished everyone involved in my case even if it late in life like Nazi murderers that were found so late in life and forced to go to trial.

Thabo Sefolosha NBA Star Me Blogger Activist Scarred by Violence me at Dr Andrew Fagelman's an evil MD that has yet to apologize or even ask if I am ok after Delita Hooks acted like crazy violent NYPD officer that struck Thabo like Delita Hooks struck me and all the women in nurse pjs stood by and than all lied than NYPD coercion lied in police reports reports threats from MD's office to Internal Affairs another serious crime reading me my guess Joe Tacopina wrote threatening letter Delita Hooks signed 

Ray Kelly's Appellate Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved (that is insulting since Ray Kelly on the record defending coercion lying in police reports, threatening me, ok with being told Detective did not care by two black eyes after running punched him I had the doctors office http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

Vid 4 second highlights Vine
Watch Delita Hooks remove her keys which had already hit me because they would hinder her goal to do a running punched in my left eye make me a hole in my retina 
https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/173385168#fullscreen Delita Hooks false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars to get she walked in to 01 Precinct 2 days after me and committed yet another crime. 

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance believe in SLAVERY? Thabo leg broken #NYPD crime DA offers Thabo Slave4day work when NYPD guilty! Fire Cy!

Suzannah B. Troy artist: Thabo Sefolosha TMZ Video of False Arrest #NYPD Crime w? Baton - Mayor de Blasio Apologize Fire Bratton Fire Cy Vance

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