Friday, February 12, 2016

Cy Vance Dirty DA Illegally Spying w/ NYPD as well as False Prosecutions?

The first time I ever heard about this technology was via someone who told me that the NYPD were spying on whistleblower cop Adrian Schoolcraft

the exact portable technology  had been described to me that Adrian had spotted the cops sitting nearby with this black thing on their lap used to spy...

 Why? Adrian Schoolcraft whistleblower cop had loads of audio the prove the NYPD are corrupt and do dirty things like was done to me making  me drop charges coercion a crime and I have audio as well of the NYPD turning me away when they're not allowed to turn me away and I have audio of Internal Affairs NYPD Sgt Mary O'Donnell  refusing evidence 

 Word is the NYPD have been using taxpayer dollars and technology violating the law to spy and then there was an article About dirty DA Cy Vance dirtiest DA in the shortest not a time along with the NYPD talking to an Italian company to do more illegal spying using technology on victims -  I posted a YouTube of Cy Vance's detective violating the Hanschu  agreement  and I'm questioning whether Cy's  NYPD wiretapping detective who got caught stealing  and arrested was also doing illegal wiretapping for money for Cy Vance and others.


DA Illegally Spying w/ NYPD as well as False Prosecutions? Oscar contender Bid Short pales to Cy Vance Flash Boys

Cy Vance Dirty DA along with dirty corrupt cops wanted to spy on cell phones and emails show they were  communicating with the company company in Italy!

 By the way cyrus Vance is the dirtiest DA shortest amount of time and his assistant DAs were alerted that the NYPD coerced me aka CRIMES coercion threatening me lying in  police reports and I handed in evidence the ADAs were meetings and they shut down the case because they protected  police crimes as well as retaliated against me --  The DA intern see the article below inside the Manhattan DA that was sexually assaulted would've been treated exactly like me so she refused to come forward even with the special prosecutor see link below--- DA NYPD dirty not just spying and doing wrong????

  that's another reason my guess that young intern will not come forward and report someone senior sexually preyed on her inside the Manhattan DA  because the Manhattan DA is run just like  mafia and protect the blue wall of corruption because they're also committing crimes!!!!

 They also retaliated against me because of this block him because I'm a critic.

 I'm suing NYPD IA and I've asked for NYPD intelligence division file since I got a mayor Bloomberg Intelligence  division in trouble with CCRB who ruled in my favor and was sent to Ray Kelly I like to know what Kelly did it  since the corrupt system prevents you from even knowing everything is done in secret  including a lot of fixing in favor

about ime as well as internal affairs file on me...

I have audio of ADAs lying to me and my opinion ADA Tiana Walton, Joan Illuzzi and Joe Giovanetti corrupt evil like their dirty boss Cy Vance who is already excoriated in the book Flash Boys my guess the future will bring Oscar award-winning film the big short and there's going to be documentaries on how corrupt Cyrus Vance is from Wall Street to St. Vincent's Hospital to the 911 tech system over $1 billion over budget and he  protected crooks too his RACIST false prosecution   of NBA star Thabo Sefolosha  and offering him slave for a day community service for no crime just like community activist Joe Jazz Hayden  as well as how many illegal stop and frisk and a world record for New York City false prosecution of protesters occupy Wall Street and my case he is dirty dirty dirty NYPD rape cases, DSK, Sandy Rubenstien rape case  and so many other cases I can't wait till it comes out including spying and possibly illegal wiretapping along with NYPD????????????