Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Preet Bharara FBI should arrest Cy Vance for so many reasons he protected stealing and NYPD Chief Gifts 911

Preet Bharara have select-0-vision  are protecting my Bloomberg's legacy and Rose Gill Hearn's kick back appointments.

.@PreetBharara @FBI @NewYorkFBI @CommissBratton .@LorettaLynch Preet recuse urself 911 because Rose gill Hearn Cy Vance have a lot2 explain

.@PreetBharara .@FBI .@NewYorkFBI .@LorettaLynch Hynes not 1 grand jury Cy Vance explain 911 crooks NYPD chief graft

.@PreetBharara .@FBI .@NewYorkFBI .@CommissBratton .@LorettaLynch Cy Vance DA 911 did head of division investigating 911 at DA's resign?

Suzannah B. Troy artist: .@PreetBharara .@FBI .@NewYorkFBI after uask Arzt (about) Charles Hynes ask him & Stringer about Hewlett Packard 911 crooks! HP biggies NY pensions!

@PreetBharara @FBI @NewYorkFBI @CommissBratton @LorettaLynch  FBI Select-o-vision Chief Dowd gifts 911, DOI Cy fixed
Cy flash boys Vance  dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time to stop 911 tech corruption in 2012 and that was when the second command center was supposed to be completed and it wasn't   - 2nd commander center 911 still not up. 

@PreetBharara @FBI @NewYorkFBI @CommissBratton @LorettaLynch Cy Flash boys Vance refused2 prosecute 911 crooks. More NYPD top brass "gifts"?

@PreetBharara @FBI @NewYorkFBI @CommissBratton @LorettaLynch I alone exclusively reported Bratton Dowd hosted FirstNet board meeting 1PP

@PreetBharara @FBI @NewYorkFBI @CommissBratton @LorettaLynch Bratton Dowd hosted FirstNet before SHAM federal investigation like 911!

@PreetBharara @FBI @NewYorkFBI @CommissBratton @LorettaLynch Xtrasinful FirstNet 911 responseto Sept 11! Crooks! 911 2nd Cmd Ctr still notup

Suzannah B. Troy artist: Mark Peters NY1 Pretending No Crimes Truth Stealing Over Billing by Contractors Lobbyists DOITT Knew Peters Protecting Team Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn George Arzt Scott Stringer Cy Vance etc

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