Friday, June 3, 2016

Bharara FBI go after a Plumber for $75K Ignore Cy Vance Fixing for Contractors and NYPD Lavish Gifts 911 millions of People NYC rely on 911

Has the US attorney and the New York branch of the FBI joined a pileup of corruption and coverups for 911 tech starting under Michael Bloomberg and FYI Scott Stringer  wants to be our next mayor is guilty of doing the most corrupt dirty dealing with Hewlett Packard to only pay the city back on 10.5 in dollars which probably protected George Artz (Artz I call Farts I believe Artz was lobbyist HP during 911 era HP mysteriously got 911 tech contract fix was in HP had biggies on NY pension board --  Arzt has his hands and practically everything here he's a real Mr. oligarch of New York want to be -- he appears  to be Teflon including with the Charles Hynes corruption but is he Mr Clean).  Artz and Team Bloomberg  wanted Scott Stringer is comptroller to make sure they had a puppet who would not call for criminal prosecution of 911 tech crooks like Rose Gill Hearn - 2  corrupt heads up Dept Of investigation's political players like Cy Vance the dirtiest corrupt DA in the shortest amount of time who FYI owes Mark Guma big time. (Ask NYPD  PBA about Ny pensions  any lavish gifts?  Ask any cop about my case it's so clear the NYPD IA fixed it everyone says it's crazy.)

Verizon had to pay the city  back $50 million on 911 under John Lui and they were not to leave contractor and far from the guiltiest.

So 911 -- so far only 60.5  tax dollars have been returned and it's far bigger than that it's a bigger crime than CityTime and not one arrest and of course starting under Ray  Kelly employed by Cuomo, ABC and the security company talk to NYPD brass including the chief of taking gifts Chuck Dowd (FirstNet also a response to Sept 11  my guess plenty of other gifts misty on any tech contract with NYPD - making historical but top brass were not only looking other way -  participating no need to get a kickback on any kind of graft you could just take a small percentage of every tech deal like a toll booth!!!   Or top brass were promised placement (back room deals back too placement  like many corrupt politicians)Ray Kelly or Bratton and mycase  The NYPD did fixing favors in retaliation some of the fixing in favorites are actually for the police department as well as the doctors office where there was a pile up of crimes including lying during an open investigation threatening a victim of violence aggravated harassment witness tampering lying and police reports threatening me coercion
Tweet: Bharara FBI go after plumber $75k not 911 tech crooks 1billion $ overbudget late #NYPD lavish gifts

 I just called to New York Times reporter set up done stories that included me and my YouTubes.  I also called retired NYPD Capt Dr Eterno left vm.  911 bigger crime nyc gov history -- bigger than CityTime -- NYPD top brass lavish gifts -- 911  response to Sept 11, over 1  billion dollars over budget under Mayor Mike Bloomberg and not 1 arrest and FYI  Second command center is years later and still not up open.   There's no doubt I was retaliated against for being a whistleblower.

History won't  look kindly  on the corruption which is far bigger than anything  US attorney in the New York branch of the FBI are taking action on including my case because I am the biggest loudest whistle blower on 911 tech corruption which is bigger than CityTime and  plenty of contractors on 911 including the lead contractor that open the floodgates on stealing all have contracts with homeland security!  Like Richard Nixon and Watergate there's gonna be a lot of people who should be holding their heads in shame --  and they will be excoriated in history books documentaries and films and I will finally get my justice however long it takes!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
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Cy Vance fixed it for 911, St Vincent's Hospital crooks, Wall St Banks including GS Flash Boys, all involved  in serious crimes my case including the New York Police Department and internal affairs!
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