Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cy Vance, NYPD, John Miller Using New Tech Crime Lab to Illegally Spy?

 The Manhattan DA Cy Vance and the NYPD were already caught trying to do some dirty dealing with spying and had back down but now they have a crime lab and they're acting like their heroes but people suspect the opposite... stay tuned.

Cy Vance Dirty DA Illegally Spying w/ NYPD as well as False Prosecutions?

Irony is DA and top NYPD brass protecting crimes as they break laws and violate the constitutional rights of how many?

WHO is policing the Manhattan DA and the NYPD?

Tweet: Cy Vance #NYPD John Miller Illegal Spying expanding with new crime lab?

911 tech under Michael Bloomberg was and remains the biggest corruption in New York City government over $1 billion over budget if there is a terrorist attack the system will collapse if there's a natural disaster the system will collapse because there was a whole lot of stealing going on plus NYPD top brass getting kicked back graft gifts whatever you want to call it as thieves stole delivered crap delivered late and further jeopardized all are lives.

 The second command center up in the Bronx was extremely late years late very costly and it's been covered up saying top-secret but the truth is it's part of the corruption and there's a rumor that also there's a division set up there for spying as well.

Suzannah B. Troy artist: 911 Tech Corruption CityTime on Steriods PSAC2 (2nd command center) Still Not Up!

Emails show D.A., NYPD interest in phone spyware

Odd the NYPD and DA can't solve the sex attack crime inside The Manhattan DA case because just like my case the fix is in intimidation and threats and people are willing to break laws especially to NYPD in my case.  I want to ask John Miller questions under oath regarding my case because he was contacted about it I want to ask him about Spying  about NYPD spyimg under oath I want to ask him questions.

 I'm just glad John Miller is out at the end of the year and he won't be working on homeland security.

 There's a very simple Sabbath prayer in the Jewish religion on Friday nights and it says don't worry if you see people prosper that do evil -- G-d has a plan.  I believe 100% that these men are evil their misogynist and they walk around kidding themselves they're good guys including The last three police commissioners in my case including Jimmy O'Neill chief voice, Campisi etc.

Cy Vance  sent a female assistant DA to ask a lower Jeffrey Epstein's sex predator status -- how evil is that?
Recent Setbacks Cast Harsh Light on Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan Prosecutor -

New York's New Digital Crime Lab Is a Forensic Marvel


Clinton Foundation Donation Bill Clinton Has Cy Vance Ask to Lower Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Predator Status?

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