Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cy Vance Dirty DA and Joan Illuzzi False Prosecution Etan Patz Case?

Cy Vance, Joan Illuzzi Proscute WRONG Man Etan Patz Scapegoat?

If Etan Patz did not disappear then his family would have to answer some very hard questions from child services especially about their babysitter dating a sex predator of children as well as their daughter having some memory of Etan having some kind of attention from men sexually along with why would they let him alone at all?

I always found it disturbing to see the photo of him as a little boy with no shirt on when you go on to read about Ramos a convicted sex predator  hanging out in the proximity of their family allegedly associating with one of the caretakers it's just sickening!!!!!  Mr Patz is saying the face of evil is s man with an IQ of 69 Pedro Hernandez? Ramos is the face of evil  far as I'm concerned they were plenty faces of evil in the court room.

I feel sorry for their loss but I also feel sorry for picking victims to blame when for instance I don't believe Pedro Hernandez killed Etan Patz at all  but I do believe he met the murderer and the murderer convinced him  that he harmed a little boy is a possible theory.  

Juror in first Etan Patz trial not surprised by killer's sentence

Cy Vance and Joan Illuzzi are evil and I know that I'm not a little convince their evil I know there are evil and they've done terrible terrible things they obviously don't fear Judgement Day and Karma  I believe 100% in my heart and my soul and my guts G-d  punish them for their actions and I do believe whoever murdered that little boy Etan Patz is already in jail  and my guess is he was the boyfriend of a Etan Patz's babysitter. 

Cy Vance and Joan Illuzzi  are so evil they have protected crimes in my case from the doctors office to the police department but they've done that with so many other cases I just know that they will get their karma and that they're very evil people which makes me think even more so that Pedro Hernandez did not kill Etan Patz.  

High-Level Employee in Manhattan DA Office Accused of Sex Assault by Intern Ask Cy Vance about the intern and the status of her abuser!!!

Ask Cy Vance under oath about 911 tech, St Vincent's Hospital crooks v false prosecution of how many innocents? Fixing and favors for Goldman Sachs, Bill Rudin, Bloomberg in the Haggerty trial, countless nypd crimes etc

Read an FBI agent agrees she believes Etan's murder is already behind bars.  I agree with her.

Matt Gurney on the sad case of Etan Patz and the wrongfully accused pedophile
Defense Witness Places Different Suspect in Etan Patz’s Apartment -

"He then told Mr. Colbert about his relationship with Susan Harrington, the woman the Patz family had hired to walk Etan and other children to school during the school bus strike the year Etan disappeared. Mr. Ramos “told me his wife was Etan Patz’s babysitter, that he had met Etan Patz,” and that he had been in their apartment, Mr. Colbert said. Mr. Ramos went on to describe the apartment as “a very large cavernous loft,” with very high ceilings, Mr. Colbert said."

Mr Patz said he looked at the face of evil well I don't think Pedro Hernandez is the face of evil I don't think he committed the crime I think he's a scapegoat.

You note mayor de Blasio and his wife are silent won't advocate for Pedro Hernandez who has a 69
 IQ and would admit to anything or could be convinced that he is guilty even by the killer!

Was Pedro Hernandez Pushed By NYPD To Falsely Confess To The Murder Of Etan Patz? | The Huffington Post  Joan Illuzzi  it's in the evil liar who cannot be trusted and she has no integrity and G-D's punishment was the most humiliating loss in Staten Island history and she was so arrogant as evil people are so arrogant that she would win she had  Rudy Giuliani's backing the New York Post in the New York Daily News and a Jewish newspaper and she had the most humiliating loss but she hasn't learned her lesson she continues on being a dishonest evil person that puts him fishing before decency and integrity.

The evil lying NYPD detective Det John Vergona who lied in his DD5s First Precinct Det Squad -- should be noted the 1st Precinct detective squad is extremely corrupt they do fixing in favors they openly commit crimes they openly coerce line police reports and they've been protected for years!!!! 

In my case evil Detective John Vergona  tried to convince me it was amutual assault  if I had an IQ of 70 I would've believed him.  As it was from the doctors office to the police e department and I believe it was Joe Tacopina who also broke the law with a misogynist hate crime if they tried as a group to convince me it was my fault and it wasn't even the evil 2faced Joan Illuzzi knitted I was a victim of second-degree assault menacing in a false cross complaint. 

 Cy Vance has has falsely prosecuted so many innocent and let off so many very rich connected people that committed -  I am confident he is going to be punished  and I can't wait for Flash Boys  The film which I believe will win an Oscar or two and a worldwide audience will learn what a disgusting evil creep Cy Vance is  they don't already know because of his false prosecution of Thabo Sefolosha the NBA Star, Joe Jazz Hayden and so many others including the largest amount of protesters in the history of our country perhap...

ADA Joan Illuzzi Etan Patz My Case NYPD 01 Det Squad PO Schatz's FB Photo

Hell  just got to be very crowded place prime real estate with a lot of arrogant New Yorkers  confident they are Teflon above the law  but I've mentioned on this blog....