Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cy Vance Misogynist Corrupt DA DSK, Sandy Rubenstein, NYPD Rape Cases, Intern, My Case Cy Corrupt

Cy Vance Misogynist Corrupt DA DSK, Sandy Rubenstein, NYPD Rape Cases, Intern, My Case Cy Corrupt

Cy Vance DSK Rape Charges Dropped, How About Herion in NYPD Rape Cop’s Locker, Dropping that too?

 There's a class action lawsuit against the Manhattan DA I want to be part of it

High-Level Employee in Manhattan DA Office Accused of Sex Assault by Intern

Juror in Cop Sex Attack Case Socially Linked to DA

Cy Vance  was in debt when he ran for Manhattan DA so he was never going to return his friends campaign money his friend to sabotage the NYPD rape cop the NYPD way puppet raped a schoolteacher anally and vaginally and his friend/ campaign donor make sure it wasn't 1st° rape

NYC Culture Pop Politics: Cy Vance Lloyd Constantine NYPD Rape Cop 2 Disaster for Cy Vance Resign!

 I stood outside his offices in Manhattan DAs offices and cemented he return void Constantine's campaign donation!

Cy Vance and Joan Illuzzi are so corrupt and evil they fixed it for everyone involved in my case because they don't like me they don't like this blog they don't like what I have to say so they're willing to violate their oath and actually become accessories to crimes including the NYPD threatening me lying and police reports, I'm a let you Joe Tacopina witness tampering massages Hate Crimes threat which the corrupt NYPD detectives acted on and ADA Tiana Walton  also protected NYPD crimes in my case along with all of them lying in police reports coercion you name it they protected it because they don't like me having an opinion having a voice their misogynist corrupt evil

Sharpton's Viagra Rx found in Sandy Rubenstein home: source - NY Daily News

Like Dominick Strauss Kahn, Sandy Rubinstein  got away with murder or should I use the term rape and then they paid off the victim and Cy Vance Big phony who uses taxpayer money to share rape kits that are never going to be used because he  is at the forefront of misogyny he's a poster boy for protecting rape and violence towards women especially if he doesn't like them or the please department doesn't like him he's a monster a phony

 Al Sharpton and Sandy share women and Viagra ?????