Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cy Vance NYPD IAB Worse than NFL Dr Fagelman's Ray

Cy Vance is as dirty as Charles Hynes he protected dirty cops in my case, I allege a Joe Tacopina misogynist threat a crime during an open investigation -- Cy is a misogynist -- if he does not like you it is okay to hit me.   Google DNA Cy Vance Intern, Google NYDN CY VANCE JEFFREY ESPTEIN

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cy Vance Harsh on Gravity Knife Crimes while he does Fixing for Goldman Sachs, Oligarchs of NY, 911 Tech Contractors, corrupt NYC Politicial Players

Cy Vance it's really the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time he's done fixing in favors from Mark Guma other players and others that help put people in office because he is owned like a cheap piece of candy he's dirty he does fixing in favors if you're rich you just pick up the phone he is disgusting and vile and I always ask people to Google DNA Cy Vance Intern. 

By the way if you're rich feel free to be a sex predator rapist break any laws and he does fixing in favors for corrupt nypd top brass including 911 tech corruption top nypd brass and she protected Michael Bloomberg sitting mayor when he committed perjury during the Haggerty trial. 

Corrupt Cy Vance  tried to protect Bloomberg and team Bloomberg I preventing them from being questioned and when he couldn't he called them but first give them all immunity which they did not wave but perjuries not committed by immunity...
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