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Cy Vance, Joan Illuzzi and Tiana Walton w/ Investigator Berry Protected All Crimes from the MD's to the First Precinct to Internal Affairs My Case

  NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer, Lt Burgos Protect Delita Hooks Signed letter Threat Retaliate 2nd false cross... by Suzannah Troy on Scribd   After all these years I finally get a copy of Delita HOOKS letter threatening and Detective Andrew Dwyer DD5 proof he protected her signed letter threatening me warning me to not come back and file 2nd degree assault or she will file a 2nd false cross complaint also protected by Det Andrew Dwyer and Sgt Chen.  DI Ed Winski knew about all the threats to me including Det John VERGONA threatening me and he protected all the crimes and got promoted along with Det Dwyer.  Det Vergona was allowed to retired to a big house in Staten Island instead of doing jail time.

Like Eric Garner he and I filed pro se lawsuits under Ray Kelly.  The NYPD IA hatred of me crimes has spanned 3 PC 2 chiefs of IA and 2 Chief of Detectives but Boyce monstrous his role promoting Dwyer to a fake task force -- the task force has a non working telephone number.  You have to have a lot of hatred in your heart to wear a badge from support the constitution and break laws  threatened victims of crime and lie about it.   Zachary Carter is using Ron Kuby's letter and you can hear Internal Affairs Sgt Mary O'Donnell uses Ron Kuby audio I posted to YouTube stating case clothes she doesn't want any evidence she doesn't want to hear anything she just is going to use Kuby's  letter to pretend they were no crimes no wrongdoing and that has been 3PC 2 IA Chief and the City of NY's strategy.   The city is me money for damages years of lying and covering up these crimes.    I can't imagine what Det John Vergona and PO Magori if she was there that day - you can hear PO Magori if that is the correct spelling lie to me in the secretly recorded audio where she and Sgt Chen who refuses to come downstairs lie to me telling me I can't report a crime a false cross complaint because I am not from the DA or a detective.  The NYPD and IA prevented me from reporting crimes!
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill PC O'Neill, Chief Boyce hatred of me protect all crimes promote NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer for breaking the law…

  NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer, Lt Burgos Protect Delita Hooks Signed letter Threat Retaliate 2nd false cross... by Suzannah Troy on Scribd   After all these years I finally get a copy of Delita HOOKS letter threatening and Detective Andrew Dwyer DD5 proof he protected her signed letter threatening me warning me to not come back and file 2nd degree assault or she will file a 2nd false cross complaint also protected by Det Andrew Dwyer and Sgt Chen.  DI Ed Winski knew about all the threats to me including Det John VERGONA threatening me and he protected all the crimes and got promoted along with Det Dwyer.  Det Vergona was allowed to retired to a big house in Staten Island instead of doing jail time.  I had no idea the letter existed or Detective Andrew Dwyer.

Click on link above about Det John Vergona a pathological liar like my attacker?   Vergona refused to meet me.  He asked me later that day which eye?  I said if you don't know than meet me see the defense wounds on my arm, my eye but he refuses and it was agreed with DI Ed Winski, Lt Burgos, Sgt Chen, Det Dwyer and Vergona and Dwyer's to downgrade Delita HOOKS crimes and fabricate a mutual assault and protect Delita Hooks signed letter OPENLY THREATENING ME AGAIN TO NOT COME BACK OR SHE WILL FILE A 2ND DEGREE ASSAULT CHARGE MY GUESS ONLY JOE TACOPINA STUPID ENOUGH TO DRAFT THE LETTER!

The NYPD and Internal Affairs prevented me from reporting crimes and I have audio and their police reports to prove it.

Detective Andrew Dwyer  and his partner and Det John Vergona and his partner, Lt Burgos who never contacted me lied about me but  years later when I sued in NY State Court  his response so arrogant and cocky was to finally contact me and asked to join my linkedin network Friday the 13th Nov 2015 at 5:30 am say day as the Paris Terrorist Attacks

 and you can hear audio of NYPD Sgt Chen also hiding like Klu Klux klan  it was Nov 20, 2012 he was captured on audio refusing to come down and meet me -- violating protocol really worked for him because I still don't have his badge number.  A subordinate had told me about Lt Burgos and gave his email and I had asked for Sgt Chen's badge number and Det Vergona -- at that time I had no idea Det Andrew Dwyer existed but Lt Burgos like Lt Michael J Agnese of the "integrity bureau" never contacted me either and the sadists along with Internal Affairs and Zachary Carter  using Ron Kuby's letter  to pretend the NYPD did not commit crimes and they did from the doctor's office 2nd degree assault, menacing, threatening the victim, a false cross complaint, a signed letter to Det Andrew Dwyer warning me to not come back and file 2nd degree assault charges and Delita HOOKS was confident Lt Burgos and Det Dwyer and Det Vergona and all involved including DI Ed Winski would protected the threats.

Talk about mental illness and psych evals  Delita HOOKS has some serous ANGER MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS BUT WHAT ABOUT HER BOSS WHO DIDN'T FIRE HER AND DET JOHN VERGONA'S VERY VIOLENT TEMPER AND THREAT TO FALSE ARREST ME IF I DID NOT DROP CHARGES (it is very frightening to be verbally violently threatened by an NYPD Det Vergona who is lying to me over the phone on behalf of Delita HOOKS and her employer who did not fire her!

NYPD  including IA have to be about emotionally 3 AND HAVE THE EMOTIONAL MAKE UP OF CRIMINALS and they have guns and badges?    GOOGLE NYPD GUN TRAFFICKING, NYPD STEALS FROM DRUG DEALER, CANNIBAL COP, NYPD RAPIST, ETC EVERYONE PASSED THEIR NYPD PSYCH EVALS YET THEY LIE, BREAK LAWS AND RAY KELLY, BRATTON AND O'NEILL WON'T CHANGE THE NYPD PSYCH EVALS EVEN WHEN NYPD ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE JUST LIKE O'NEILL 3RD PC PROTECTING NYPD IA CRIMES IN MY CASE and how many others?  So many horrific NYPD crimes rapes, murder you name it and they all past their psych evals.   Zachary Carter said in my case and in NBA star Thabo Sefolosha's case they NYPD acted with in their scope.  You can see video of NYPD jumping on Thabo and like Eric Garner he wasn't running away but the NYPD piled on breaking Thabo's leg.    I would like an apology as does I am sure NBA star Thabo and so many other victims!

The NYPD and Internal Affairs decided they don't like me (that is part of what they call a Round Robin -- where they play just and jury violate their oath, the law, the constitution )  so they will break the law downgraded Delita HOOKS crimes and their's NYPD Det Vergona, Det Dwyer, Lt Burgos etc  to a fabricated mutual assault and than no crime 0 Crimes and DI Ed Winski made a practice of crimes vanishing so he could have lower crime stats except when he was false arresting protestors in public places?
The Attack Oct 1, 2012 Delita HOOKs returns to her desk after Dr Vine is told Dr Fagelman refuses to fire Delita HOOKS. Dr Vine told me my attacker went right back to her desk acting as if nothing had happened.

Delita HOOKS yells I will slap the crap out of you but DET JOHN VERGONA OMITT I WILL SLAP THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!  Det Vergona omitted I was assaulted with objects as well as the sexual assault with Delita HOOKS barefoot after she threw her shoes ALL OMITTED BY CORRUPT NYPD DET VERGONA WITH DET DWYER AND BOSSES IN THE LOOP. Delita Hooks false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars to get she walked in to 01 Precinct 2 days after me and committed yet another crime.  Judge Alison Nathan either never bothered to Watch the YouTube which I referred to 24 times in the original lawsuit and had no interest giving me subpoena power or  in reading my attackers false cross complaint, watch the video; is she is as corrupt and  political as the dirty corrupt NYPD IAB she and the dirty DA protected?  DA admitted 2nd degree assault, she menaced me coming out from behind the closed off reception desk and her complaint false yet no arrest.   The Manhattan DA made it clear they were going to protect NYPD IA crimes!  

Everyone even NYPD experts say this is crazy.   How crazy are these cops? 0 Integrity, 0 remorse, they broke laws, they laughed Sgt Chen laughed over the phone you were the one assaulted at the doctors!  Lt Burgos commited crimes in my case and never acknowledge me or contacted me like Det Andy Dwyer and Vergona refused to meet except to false arrest the Jew on the Sabbath oct 20, 2012 4pm but Delita HOOKs was not told to turn herself in. Det Fagelman made a call and Det andy Dwyer visited them and assured them I was would be threatened and that is a crime -- they were assured I would be verbally violently threatened and I had a hole in my retina and cervical damage.   Det Vergona and Delita Hooks knew I had a collapsed bladder it's like being pregnant with twins and they have 0 empathy and are both violent liars.  Det Vergona VERBALLY VIOLENTLY YELLED AT ME OCT 16, 2012 YOU ARE GOING TO DROP CHARGES OR I AM GOING TO ARREST ME.  HE HAD TOLD ME ALSO HE DID NOT CARE IF I HAD 2 BLACK EYES.  I HAD A HOLE IN MY RETINA -- HE AND DELITA HOOKS AND SGT MARY O'DONNNELL AND ALL INVOLVED HAVE THE EMPATHY OF A SERIAL KILLER. AUDIO OF SGT MARY O'DONNELL SHE REALLY DOES NOT CARE I AM WAITING TO FIND OUT IF I NEED A 2ND SURGERY FOR MY LEFT EYE A HOLE IN RETINA BY DR FAGELMAN'S DELITA HOOKS ---
Det John Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer hide their faces but I found them on FACEBOOK after 1PP law dept refused service for Det Vergona.   They are facebook friends with PO Schatz the first cop I reported to Internal Affairs for abuse of power, illegal use of squad car being threatening and lying to me for the Mercer Hotel and his partner Det Tommy Moran all facebook friends and all party to the fact they were going to do a bait and switch downgrade their crime and crimes to no crimes and Internal Affairs protected them.

IA sgt Mary O'Donnell showed me Delita Hooks SIGNED letter and said case closed.  I heard her say Delita HOOKS Det was Drier so I wrote down Drier and accidentally handed her my notes.  I called that day and asked her to return my notes. She lied to me and stated she would but she kept them because she is a dirty corrupt cop protecting dirty cops in my case and they use Ron Kuby's letter to cover up a pile up of serious crimes including threatening me.  Did the NYPD never investigate the misogynist hate crime Bob Dobalina a fake account created my guess by Joe Tacopina.  I asked him is this witness tampering him and fake account Charles Ward possibly Chad Seigel and they deleted their fake accounts.  Joe if I am correct as Bob Dobalina called me a fight picking cunt threatened to bury and destroy me see the tables turned on me if I took any action.   Det John Vergona never asked me about it perhaps because Joe contacted his partner in crime Det Andrew Dwyer and it was agreed they would act on the misogynist hate crime with Lt Burgos in on it and DI Ed Winski as well as Internal Affairs because IA has refused to investigate any of this and is protecting all crimes and threats using Ron Kuby's letter dropping a fake mutual assault -- see he uses the words my attacker twice -- we did not have Delita HOOKS names but she violated my patient rights to get my name and she violated my body and patient rights and not fired because corrupt detectives and supervisors with whom ever Dr Andrew Fagelman called up for fixing and favors   protected all threats to me and acted on the threats all because they don't like me, my blog, my activism they were all willing to break laws and 0 arrests and as the years go by Oct 1, 2017 6 years even more people inside the NYPD, IA, Corp Counsel and every agency that is suppose to police the police party to crimes in my case and how many others and no arrests of NYPD IA criminals or Delita Hooks and her boss who called in a favor and there are so many victims like me or worse they have been murdered we clearly need a new Permanent Commission in to NYPD IA DA corruption, NYPD IA DA App Tracker data base time capsule and a special prosecutor as well as a memorial wall outside DA, 1PP, Precinct for all the Victims of NYPD IA DA crimes dead and in our cases alive no Justice years of lying covering up crimes.

The Fake NYC Gov Agency The Commission to Combat Police Corruption  that compared themselves to McDonalds to me -- I asked if a McDonalds Employee sees a crime don't they have to report the crime but not CCPC....they keep forwarded my case to IA to die.  CCRB forwarded over and over to Chief of Dept including when NYPD James O'Neill was chief of Dept.

I am waiting or find out if I need a 2nd surgery for my eyes and out of the blue IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell who I met once prior to this call and in person with her partner there she read me and showed me Delita Hooks SIGNED letter!!!!!!!!  She said case closed.  O'Donnell was in on keep this closed and protecting a pile of of crimes from the MD's to the First Precicnt and use Ron Kuby's letter because sadist cops and Zachary Carter get off on using Kuby's letter to pretend NO CRIMES!

Even her reading the letter to me case closed was her protecting yet another THREAT to me to not come back and file 2nd degree assault charges and top NYPD brass protecting all these crimes with Corp Counsel all these years.

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If Cy Vance Pay2play DA prosecuted 911 Tech Corruption no deal K2 Intelligence Ray Kelly?

In this  youtube I reference  about a woman who wrote in 2012 about Cy Vance being very corrupt (see link below) , misogynist dirty DA that was fixing NYPD rape cases and having women victims of rape and domestic abuse turned away and with corrupt NYPD lowering crimes stats by blowing off victims of crimes which I can verify.  Cy Vance protected NYPD and IA that broke laws in my case because he hates me like the corrupt cops at the First Precinct that broke laws so it is okay to commit crimes when th victim is a critic of Cy Vance and the rich folks he does fixing and favors for and gives Teflon Status.

If Cy Vance has prosecuted 911 Tech crooks and this was bigger than CityTime and gone after top cops like Ray Kelly's guy NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd would Ray Kelly have gotten top jobs at Cushman Wakefield who suddenly dumped him and K2 Intelligence hires Ray Kelly and gets a half a million dollar contract as reported by the NYDN after giving the pay to play DA a campaign donation.  

 Is Cy Vance funneling money to Ray Kelly who would not have even gotten a job with Cushman or K2 Inteliigence if Cy Vance prosecuted  (ECTP) 911 tech crooks.  If Cy Vance prosecuted 911 Tech Corruption no deal with K2 Intelligence Ray Kelly? This takes you to 2012 allegations before I was assaulted + NYPD crime with a woman calling out Cy Vance's corruption, misogyny etc. 

K2 Intelligence is reference 
Bill de Blasio, Zachary Carter, Cy Vance, James O'Neill, Bratton, Ray Kelly like Jona Rechnitz CCPC Corrupt Pay to Play NYC

If Cy Vance Pay2play DA prosecuted 911 Tech Corruption no deal K2 Intelligence Ray Kelly?

I exclusively reported PC Bratton and Chief Chuck Dowd hosted a board meeting for FirstNet! Suddenly Bratton could not longer cover-up the Chief Dowd --- Ray Kelly scandal involving 911 ECTP and my question is how about FirstNet?

2012 sent this Cy Vance Fixes Rapes by NYPD, Domestic Violence Cy and NYPD Blow Off Victims Keep Crime Stats Low

Cy Vance and NYPD run the city like the Catholic Church when it comes to raping women  sexually assault including an Intern inside DA's office someone very senior google DNA Cy Vance Intern. I was  assaulted including sexually assault by Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delight or Delite aka Delita Hooks. 

Cy Vance did not work you some stuff when it came to Mark, who he paid back for helping him run out of money with more than interest recently refusing to recuse himself from Mark Guma investigation so Guma got  pay back with interest!

Cy Vance did not have his friend, squash partner and campaign donor Lloyd Constantine recuse himself from the NYPD rape cop Pena trial and his friend Constantine make sure that the rape cop did not receive a 1st° rape sentencing which is what you read in the post below sent me in 2012 before I became a victim of Cy Vance  who made the crimes against the NYPD completely disappear and NYPD and Internal Affairs Drugs committed crimes in my case.

Cy Vance is guilty of retaliation and fixing in favors in my case as well as NYPD Internal Affairs top brass so I'm sure you're not gonna do anything but these emails or record that I alerted you any attorney general and I may go to the Attorney General Washington DC if I can get the strength and energy. I'll just print the emails out that I sent  and mail them to Attorney general's office  in DC this am in the mix so I said I could barely move my dad a World War II veteran decorated died knowing what was done to me my mom is in hospice dying I'm suing the NYPD for years and Zachary Carter Dr Redacto caught dr. documents on the nursing home
In my case in NBA star Thabo Sefolosha and others I better just copy this email and send it to DC this am with the Cy Vance Mark Guma email
This was sent to Joanna Molly of NYDN and I, Suzannah Troy got permission to post. I am posting on my blogs but without the woman's name. 

Joanna! I just read your outrageous article on Cy Vance, who is the fakest and most crooked DA in NY history! 

I personally begged his staff to help me with Domestic Violence where I was bloodied numerous times and I had photos, witnesses, etc. His staff ignored everyone of my calls and letters begging for help. They also ignored 100% of complaints by every friend of mine in ANY cases where they were victims of crime. (The NYPD's only job is to lower the "crime rate" by blowing off victims.) 

Are you saying a 100% corruption rate by the NYPD and DA are not scandalous? 

A creep who raped several of our friends was arrested for other serious felony crimes and Vance let him go each time, even though there was video evidence etc. Ask your readers if anyone else has similar experiences with Vance protecting criminals and prepare to drown in emails! 

Everyone knows the purpose of media is to protect the Government from angry taxpayers, but I can't believe a WOMAN would support the most anti-woman DA in America. 

For instance, Vance is SILENT on the endless Rape of women by the NYPD. Do you really believe he couldn't hold a press conference demanding Ray and Mike explain the record NYPD corruption and endless stories of women being harassed, mistreated, or blown off by cops? 

You SAW Vance blow every trial against crooked cops. He deliberately did that because he has illegal conflicts of interest with the NYPD! The photo along with your article is scandalous! Imagine if Ray Kelly did press conferences with the Mafia and hung out with them! 

The DA is a checks-and-balance on the NYPD (who are so corrupt even the NYPost did a cover story a few years ago about the unprecedented NYPD corruption) but of course no they aren't. 

Vance has to LOSE any cases against dirty cops (Moreno had HEROIN in his locker too!!) or else he hurts all his other cases that require cop testimony! 

If Vance was even 1% honest, he'd PUBLICLY say all NYPD cases of dirty cops must go to INDEPENDENT prosecutors. But the crook won't do that because he fears they'll be CONVICTED, which will make Vance's job much harder. 

ASK VANCE why he has yet to prosecute the Catholic Church or Dolan, who ADMITTED to organized crime: covering up child rape systemically! No statute of limitations on organized crime statutes etc! 

ASK VANCE why he gave Bloomberg and team "immunity" to testify in Haggerty's case. Vance couldn't legally even do that! 

THERE's A REASON everyone agrees Vance is the dirtiest of the dirty! 

ASK VANCE where's his press conference where he demands HARSHER SENTENCES FOR COPS, since even right wingers agree that the punishment must be worse for cops who break laws than civilians, since we gave cops powers they abuse! 

I can go on and on but my friends and I don't think you really give a damn about justice, or women's rights, and on and on. Your job is to keep your employment by shilling for our naked emperor, who gave billions to your boss.

Would you care to prove us wrong? 

steaming mad,

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Cy Vance DA different than de Blasio , Jona Rechnitz How? Who Called DA Lower Jeffrey Epstein Sex predator Status?

Bill de Blasio, Zachary Carter aka Zachary Redacto Carter Exposed by NY Post Proves Preet Bharara Protected vs Prosecuted de Blasio/ Carter? Cy Vance Dirty DA pay to play K2 Intelligence Cy funneling $ Ray Kelly!  

Preet Bharara's  political ambitions got the best of him and he wasn't going to prosecute Bill de Blasio and Zachary Carter  because it's a house of cards and every card member is someone that Preet would need their money or clout or both to back his political run. 

It should be noted Preet Bharara's replacement is his  good friend who not going to rock any boats  and burn any bridges for Preet's political run if and when that happens. Preet could end up at NYU like  accidental governor, both hired  it wasn't for their teaching skills.  NYU is corrupt to the core and  knows a lot about pay to play!

Explosive emails show ‘corrupt’ de Blasio donors had run of City Hall | New York Post

 Is there anyone who's got the motivation to make some arrests at  City Hall and also force Zachary Carter at least to resign and count his lucky stars not going to jail for obstructing justice in the nursing home case, my case and how many others ?  My case the amount of people that obstructed justice starting with the NYPD the 1st Precinct Internal Affairs  one police plaza top brass DA Cy Vance and gang, Zachary beholden to oligarchs of NY -- they don't like my blogs my YouTubes or me so it's OK to violate  my constitutional rights  and break a lot of laws from a doctors office to the police department to the DA covering up NYPD IA crimes my case like they are Jona Rechnitz CCPC unbelievable. 

Cy Vance is different from Jona Rechnitz how?  Cy hasn't provide top NYPD with sex workers? Cy Vance does what Jona hoped to do from his position on the Commission to Combat Police Corruption -- listen to audio of NYPD Internal Affairs Sgt tell CCPC forwarded me video evidence of NYPD corruption to her and she refuses more evidence and says CASE CLOSED.   Soho is run like Williamsburg but no arrests of NYPD and Internal Affairs doing fixing favors and covering up crimes including their own.

Jona Rechnitz supplies Senior NYPD with sex workers bribes and more  and that qualifies him along with money donations  to be  on the "fake commission CCPC" Commission To Combat Police Corruption like Cy Vance, Tiana Walton and Joan Illuzzi do Fixing make cases die.   Cy Vance runs a pay to play DA operations.

Suit: de Blasio should pay lawyer bills over corruption probes, not taxpayers | New York Post (but Zachary Redacto Carter upon doctoring emails with his sharpee said even he Zachary was acting with in his scope!)

Note Scott Stringer's role in NYDN link above  because he wants donations too! Scott Stringer and Cy Vance made sure no prosecution of 911 Tech aka ECTP crooks bigger than CityTime! Google NYdN nypd chief chuck Dowd! 60.5 million tax dollars returned less than pennies on the dollar 911 tech tax payer titanic like 311 but bigger crime than CityTime and Scott Stringer and Cy Vance wanted no arrests!  Tarnish mayor Bloomberg no way.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Massive pay to play corruption de Blasio doesn't have Bloomberg deep pockets. Cy Vance refused to prosecute a lot…

Cy Vance Corrupt Pay to Play Misogynist, Racist DA I allege set NYState environmental police on me in Central Park because he was afraid I would heckle him. What happened to the first amendment? I had no idea he was even there and he's had them tell me I was there with some other agenda which was simply not true.  Even so my constitutional rights were violated yet again by corrupt dirty DA that fixed did fixing in favors from a doctors office to the police department because he doesn't like me so it's OK to violate my rights and break the law. Cy Vance, special investigator for the Manhattan DA  Inspector Berry, ADA Tiana Walton, ADA Joan Illuzzi all notified NYPD broke laws in my case and the DA has the police reports with a light and the doctored police reports and Cy Vance, Investigator Berry, Walton and Illuzzi acted like they were Jona Rechnitz on the board of the fake Commission to combat police corruption and make sure all police crimes die.   CCPC like the cowards all cases to Internal Affairs.  

Zachary Carter, Internal Affairs, NYPD use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend the NYPD did not commit crimes, the pretend the NYPD did not do a bait and switch and downgrade a series of crimes including their own and make a pile up of crimes from the doctor's office in Soho to the First Precinct disappear just like Williamsburg but at Cy Vance's front door.   Cy Vance is no different than Jona Rechnitz except for the sex workers?

Ask Cy Vance about Al Sharpton's viagra in his lawyer friends apt -- the lawyer alleged to have raped a drunken woman with a large sex toy.

Ask Cy Vance about his campaign donor, tennis pal Lloyd Constantine and why he his pal a juror on the NYPD rape cop  Pena trial allegedly MADE SURE NO FIRST DEGREE RAPE RULING?

Allegations against Cy Vance and his staff horrific misogynist dirty DA anti-women and NYPD lowering crimes stats by blowing off victims!  quote from post "I personally begged his staff to help me with Domestic Violence where I was bloodied numerous times and I had photos, witnesses, etc. His staff ignored everyone of my calls and letters begging for help. They also ignored 100% of complaints by every friend of mine in ANY cases where they were victims of crime. (The NYPD's only job is to lower the "crime rate" by blowing off victims.)"

Ask Cy Vance why he decided to role the heroin found in NYPD Rape Cop Moreno's locker in to the jail sentence he was already servicing.  Tell me how Cy is different than de Blasio and Jona Rechnitz pay to play. 

Cy Vance a misogynist freak asked to lower Jeffrey Epstein's sex predator status and he gets off on having female ADA's do his misogynist dirty deeds. My question is why did Cy Vance do this?  Was MONEY FUNNELED TO THE PAY TO PLAY DIRTY DA AND WHO MADE THE CALL?  Was it like the Clinton's and March Rich?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Cy Vance and Zachary Carter may not supply NYPD with sex workers but how r they different from Jona Rechnitz?…

Ask Cy Vance about his good friend Lloyd Constantine who donated money to his campaign and set in as a juror on the NYPD Pena rape cop trial. Constantine has a lot agree and he convinced the fellow jurors  not to Invicta NYPD cop of 1st° rape. NYPD cop Pena vaginally and anally raped a small school teacher at gunpoint. 

Cy Vance is worse than Charles Hynes and he and his corrupt ADAs do not forward crimes to Internal Affairs Drugs the DA protects NY0D IA crime. (Cy Vance new playlist his detective violates Handschu, 2 videos NYS environmental police violating my rights harassing me courtesy of the dirty corrupt misogynist Cy Vance. Google DNA Cy Vance Intern, Google NYDN Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein, Cy Vance Rape Victim's he's more than disappointed. 
Remember Cy Vance's NYPD wiretapping detective got arrested for stealing.

 Let's ask the DA if he's abused his power with wiretapping and spying so he is so out of control abusing power as well as using the office as a pay to play dirty DA. Any NYPD IA DA illegally crossing lines that are crimes?

Charles Hynes avoided at least 2 grand juries. Cy Vance has already been excoriated in Flash Boys.  I hope the best selling book becomes an Oscar-winning movie which will do more than excoriate Cy Vance internationally  then he ends up in jail like so many People sent to jail that info long they're even just for protesting!

Cy Vance and Ray Kelly decided  The Constitution and the amendments meant nothing and that protesting was a crime!

Jona Renchitz wanting to be on Dept of Investigation's Commission To Combat Police Corruption makes sense because the other day I called and I was told there equivalent to McDonald's by the woman who answers the phone for the Commission To Combat Police Corruption!   So I asked the woman who answered the phone at Commission to Combat Police Corruption,  if you're working McDonald's and you see crime  or do you obligated to see something and say something?   

Jona getting fixing in favors which makes and look at CCPC's role my case morning my case to internal affairs to die!

 I can testify under oath anywhere that the Manhattan DA like CCPV internal fares to fixing pavers and covering up NYPD crimes!!!! 

 NYPD Internal Affairs Sgt Mary O'Donnell Refuses Evidence calls me because the Commission To Combat Police Corruption forwarded her my email the same commission that Jona Rechnitz wanted to be on while he was getting fixing in favors from the NYPD and bribing them that's the commission that was involved in making sure to send my case to Internal Affairs  and I to protect corrupt cops. 

All these years that the commission was forwarding my case were they getting fixing in favors from NYPD like Jona?
Hear IA Sgt Mary O'Donnell tell me CCPC referred my email to  her translation keep this case closed I want to know who sent that and if they got fixing in favors like Jona expected

The NYPD Inspector general and the chief investigator Tom Mahoney forwarded my case to internal affairs  to die when I asked them to look into it since IA wouldn't give been update on their complaint number for me Philip Eure and Tom Mahoney refused like CCPC it's understood my case is something were to die it was two cases one was about 911 tech corruption they're there to cash their paychecks enjoy their pension and perks.
NYPD internal Affairs and fixing favors retaliation see something do nothing case closed

When Commission To Combat Police Corruption explained that Dept Of investigation commission to combat corruption is like McDonald's I had no idea nor post would have an article about pay to play in getting a spot on there to oversee fixing papers and make sure cases die

 I remember feeling shocked that Bill Bratton resigned before Bill de Blasio and Zachary Carter.  The Tale of Two Bills  should've ended in both of them resigning but it didn't happen that way but it still may come to be that Bill de Blasio will be forced to resign!

 US attorney never want to arrest a former US attorney but Zachary Carter should've been forced to resign at least!  He played Dr Redacto and obstructed justice on the nursing home and what else?

Zachary Redacto Carter was doctoring incriminating emails involving the nursing home on the lower Eastside and I was told by someone that Zachary Carter's redacting protecting other less than ethical dirty dealings goes  Beyond the nursing home scandal also allegedly obstruction of justice. I believe he's obstructing justice in my case  lying for NYPD detectives and their supervisors doing fixing in favors similar to the Williamsburg fixing in favors. I have audios, video  and the police reports with the detective from supervisors lied there's no arrests!

 Why weren't  Bill De Blasio and Zachary Carter  arrested by the Manhattan DA and the US Attorney Southern District?  Because US attorney Preet Bharara like Cy Vance put his ambition before Justice hoping for political gain didn't want to open a hornets nest involving potential donors so I'm alleging that Preet  asked his friend:protege replacement to not go after de Blasio and Carter,  Cy Vance is the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time -- he wasn't going to prosecute these guys  because of  Cy Vance's  own campaign improprieties the Manhattan DA is for sale you donate money to his campaign and he does fixing in favors for you even breaking the law and  or funnels $ to you!!!!!

Cy Vance hires Carey Dunne hmmmmmm and no arrests they all walk  including Mark Guma whom the Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance those big time because he went into his own campaign problems and alleged improprieties because Mark for gave a campaign debt that Cy Vance owed how was that money declared?  Carey Dunne hired to help Cy out Protecting Cy from blowback they kind that should have sent Charles Hynes to jail? I really want to be  part of a class action lawsuit against the Manhattan DA,  I have enough evidence to qualify me as do so many other victims  
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@gracerauh @NYCCFB I was sent tip Cy Vance Mark Guma allegedly broke campaign laws 1st campaign Cy ran in to debt Guma forgave debt. Cy gave Guma Teflon status
Dr. Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Hooks Punches Patient Ne, She filed a False Cross Complaint 2 days after me with NYPD Fixed and Cy Vance Protecting NYPD lying in police reports, threatening me w/ severe injuries etc because that is how corrupt Cy Vance is corrupt misogynist 1 ex of abuse of power.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@gracerauh @NYCCFB Cy Vance's Campaign Finance Irregularities 2010 paid off big Mark Guma's letting Cy off paying $ owed?… Guma Teflon

Ask Cy why no arrests of Goldman Sachs Wall St Implosion but he keeps trying to prosecute s GS programmer real crime quitting  Goldman Sachs. 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYGovCuomo Cy didn't recuse himself investigating Mark Guma who he owed $ 1st campaign! Cy didn't arrest Bill because Cy guilty2? Cy see NYS Po on me?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@wildtomorrow @ManhattanDA I've donated thousands $s to help save elephants and ban Ivory let's ask Cy Vance Dirty DA about donations play to play under oath and more
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)

@NYGovCuomo I'm a critic of Cy Vance I allege Cy abused his power public event set NYS Environmental police on me at ban Ivory…
 If Cy Vance thought I was there to protest him he's an incredible narcissist I had no idea he was there was pretty much consumed with my mom who is in hospice and the fact that I'm suing NYPD cops that he protected that broke laws I had no idea he was there but he did protect NYPD crimes in my case and he's as dirty as Charles Hynes or even dirtier...
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYGovCuomo NY State Environmental Police Harass Me - YouTube… I was not disrupting I allege Cy Vance involved in abuse of power

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYGovCuomo Gov Cuomo is Cy Vance going to use the crushed Ivory like Charles Hynes used drug $? 1st campaign Cy ran in to debt. Mark Guma was owed $...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@wildtomorrow @ManhattanDA @NYGovCuomo Special Prosector Investigate Cy Vance Thursday alleged abuse of power + 2013 audios ADAs lying because Cy is corrupt fixer DA

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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYGovCuomo Cy Vance as sincere about Crushing Ivory as he is about Rape Kits. Google DNA Cy Vance Intern. K2 Intell donated $ 1 ex pay to play Dirty DA
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@wildtomorrow @ManhattanDA Cy Vance is the dirtiest DA using Ivory like Rape Kits. Real Cy Vance Google DNA Cy Vance Intern. Ask Cy about the Intern & other crimes
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@unitedNYblogs Cy Vance let de Blasio off pay2play because Cy as guilty? Did Cy Vance Mark Guma campaign $ deal pay off for Guma?…


Did Cy Vance use NYS Environmental Police to discriminate against me, target me and violate my rights at Crush the Ivory event? 

If so that is just one more way Cy Vance has abused his power…  
I have a Cy Vance corruption blog that outlines far more….

When I finally found out this am that Cy Vance was at the Crush the Ivory — and he may have spotted me because I never saw him — that he was behind the NYS police bullying me, discriminating against me — NO WONDER THE NYS POLICE HAD NO SUPERVISOR THAT WOULD COME FOWARD AND TALK WITH ME…. IS THAT WHY?

When I called the NYS AG I did not know Cy Vance was there. Thursday. I have to call back to file a complaint allegations against Cy Vance.

Cy Vance aka Charles Hynes Jr. but truly a corrupt dirty DA in his own right and in the shortest amount of time set NY State Environmental Police on me with the goal to single me out discriminate against me because I am a critic but also because he is party to protecting serious crimes committed by the NYPD det squad First Precinct including lying in police reports, acting on a misogynist hate crime -- Cy Vance did more than fixing and favors - the misogynist corrupt DA protecting a pile up crimes and now I want to know if on Thursday he abused power setting NYState police on me who lied and stated I was not there to celebrate destroying Ivory...that I had another motive  and I had no idea what they were talking about until this am when I found out Cy Vance was at the Ivory event....

Wow no surprise Cy Vance use NYS Environmental Police to discriminate against me, target me and violate my rights at Crush the Ivory event?

If so that is just one more way Cy Vance has abused his power…  
I have a Cy Vance corruption blog that outlines far more….

When I finally found out this am that Cy Vance was at the Crush the Ivory — and he may have spotted me because I never saw him — that he was behind the NYS police bullying me, discriminating against me — NO WONDER THE NYS POLICE HAD NO SUPERVISOR THAT WOULD COME FOWARD AND TALK WITH ME…. IS THAT WHY?
se if Cy Vance set NYState police on me -- he did more than that covering up for Mark Guma as a thank you starting with Cy Vance running in to major debt and Mark Guma forgave the money Cy Vance owed him so in return very recently Cy Vance returned the favor but did Cy Vance and Mark Guma break campaign laws when Cy Vance first ran for Manhattan DA.

Did Carey Dunne  help make all these people Teflon including Cy because he has political ambitions as well??

Suzannah B. Troy artist: Cy Vance hired Carey Dunne to go after de Blasio as well as advise Cy on covering up his own wrong doing?

Who is paying for Ray Kelly security  and what do they get in return?

 Mayor Bloomberg gave free rides to  Ray Kelly and his wife and Ray is not supposed to even take a free cup of coffee. Anything else?
Hint that's one reason you don't even take a free cup of coffee because people start to wonder what else you're taking the top cops under Ray Kelly were taking lavish gifts and they all got promoted or enjoy their large pensions and the golf course...thank Campisi and Reznick the fake  internal affairs that needs to be replaced with a permanent new commission into police corruption.

 Zachary Carter testified under oath that redacting documents was within his scope but it wasn't and Dept Of investigation threatened him with legal action which is when he stops redacting because he was obstructing justice .    Zachary Carter's been lying under oath protecting NYPD crimes in my case and others.   Zachary Carter said NYPD acted in their scope In Thabo Sefolosha but Thabo had Alex Spiro as his lawyer so he got a $2 million settlement and no apology which inspired me to come up with the NYPD DA apology wall  from victims that were murdered or coerced or their constitutional rights violated like the Manhattan DA Cy Vance  Guinness book of records falsely prosecuting the most protesters in the history of NYC that's got to be on the memorial wall.

Cy Vance, Charles Hynes Jr, Pay to Play Cyrus Vance for Sale!

NYS NYC pay to play corruption NYPD for sale  and the Manhattan DA came up with a really creative way to funnel money it's Ray Kelly you got to give Cy Vance  The most corrupt in the shortest amount of time credit for that.

Pay to Play the NY way from dirty DAs to Ray NYPD for sale call a cop 1800 NYPD IA DA fix it

Preet Bharara called it call a cop.  But Preet  became a sellout for sale - NYU bought  him like they bought the accidental governor Dave Paterson who committed perjury witness tampering threatening Dave Johnson's girlfriend  and that made him qualified to teach at NYU.

Preet Bharara  what is protégé replacement we're never going to make an arrest because de Blasio and Zachary Carter tied  into corruption Central and that would take them to many  powerbrokers and political players that you need if you're going to try and run for election.   Preet Bharara wasn't going to rest any NYPD doing fixing in favors at his doorstep because of his political ambitions but Brooklyn was OK. wasn't going to arrest any NYPD doing fixing and favors at his doorstep because of his political ambitions but Brooklyn was OK

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
#NYPD Ray Kelly dumped by Cushman & W when NYPD arrested Williamsburg Fixing favors K2 Intel hired him Cy 1/2M$ deal…
Cy Vance  finals over half $1 million to pay to intelligence for donating money to his campaign and guess who they employ Ray Kelly

 Ray Kelly got dumped by the real estate company that gave them a top position and paid for his private security.


The powerful real estate company Cushman Wakefield  has ties in Williamsburg and was frightened at the US attorney Public Info come down on them so all of a sudden Ray Kelly was too hot to handle.

Suzannah B. Troy artist: cushman Wakefield, Ray Kelly, Croman hired Falconite and My Case Dr Fagelman NYPD Det Squad Time for a New Commision in to NYPD IA?

 All these rich oligarchs directing money to Ray Kelly and Manhattan DA what do they got out of it. 

Cushman and Wakefield felt they had to have
Ray Kelly on the payroll and that Ray was so important they were papers private security while the sudden they saw  having on the payroll as a liability  when arrests were made of NYPD in Williamsburg Brooklyn all of a sudden  Ray Kelly had to go and  no one noticed the timing and made the connection. 

 from there Ray Kelly  moves to K2 intelligence and now the Manhattan DA is funneling over half $1 million to K2 intelligence do the math  and Ray Kelly took care of fixing in favors in my case and everyone got promoted or is allowed to retire do the math  but why anyone would want Ray Kelly on their payroll.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Bill de Blasio and Zachary Carter Xposed Proves Preet Bharara Protected vs Prosecuted? Cy $ Ray Kelly NY pay to play…

Cy Vance Pay to Play Dirty DA different than de Blasio and Jona Rechnitz How?  How Called the DA to ask to Lower Jeffrey Epstein's Sex predator Status?

Let's ask Bill Rudin if he got fixed and favors  from the NYPD including retired cops he has on the payroll, made a phone call and got the New York one news reporter cameramen fired for reporting on the protests against Rudin  converting St. Vincent's hospital into luxury condos...

Why Cy Vance  did not prosecute the St. Vincent's Hospital crooks becausewould've brought attention attention to read and acquisition pennies on the dollar

DA for sale oligarchs Teflon.    Where's George Arzt call George Farts Who treats every part of real estate political races as if he's eating at Katz's deli he is a greed machine Teflon